Online Teaching Approach

The training approach we implement aims to identify the specific training needs and career aspirations of each individual. Based on this understanding the most efficient personalized mentoring solution is put in place so that the individual can make the most out of the training program.

We firmly believe in the notion that every person has their own strengths, and they can be harnessed through the correct learning platform and approach. The students at JLI are fully aware that self-knowledge holds equal importance to academic knowledge.

The following illustration sums up our Training Approach:

We believe that the internet is the most powerful learning tool in the world, which is why we use it to bring knowledge to our students.

Statistics tell us that globally there are about 1,668,870,408 users of the internet today and this number continues to grow.

Today’s generation wants instant access to everything, whenever they want it and wherever they want it. The same is true for training and education. Students and working professionals want training on-the-go and JLI uses the power of the internet to enable them do so efficiently and to eliminate all the barriers along the way.

At JLI, we use the internet to maximize the learning efficiency in a modern setting, while at the same time providing students with all the knowledge they need to make it into the pharmaceutical / clinical research / healthcare industry.

JLI employs a great number of highly qualified professionals from the industry as mentors for the students in order to provide them with the real industry perspectives. This helps our aspiring professionals reach an interface with the industry itself. Mentorship provides a lot of advice with regards to training and career planning.

JLI students are urged to take part in the state-of-the-art Online Campus Tutoring Center, or OCTC, which has been created for effective information sharing between the students and the faculty.

We believe in preparing our students for real life situations through firsthand experiences, by implementing mock sessions via our efficient online training platforms.