Dean's Message

Dr Ioannis BSHS Dean

Welcome to the Berlin School of Health Sciences!

Doctors (M.D, D.D.S, D.M.D) medical scientists, and other health professionals go through a rigorous university education of 3 – 6 years to achieve theoretical and clinical scientific competence and become good professionals. However, it is not possible to integrate specialized training in the various fields of health science into an already demanding theoretical and clinical curriculum.

We have recognized this gap and offer various postgraduate programs to help the health professional reach the next level of professional excellence.

Our programs are taught primarily by tutors who are university professors or outstanding clinicians who run successful dental clinics. These professors come from all over the world and have backgrounds in research, publishing, innovation, clinical treatment of difficult and complex cases, and marketing.

This unique team is supported by world-renowned guest lecturers who will share their clinical experience in their respective fields with the students.

The programs typically have three strands.

Theoretical training through eLearning, but also live seminars, clinical training in WAGRO clinics, and research that will lead to publications in scientific journals and thesis defense in front of the faculty committee before graduation.

Our programs aim not only to equip participants with the right theoretical knowledge and research approach but more importantly to enable them to successfully and fearlessly tackle difficult and complex clinical cases, similar to those they will face in real-life conditions in their clinics.

In this way, they become leaders in their field; turn their patients into “marketing makers” and consequently their clinic or profession into a profitable business.


Yours truly,

Dr. Ioannis Georgakopoulos

Dean, Berlin School of Health Science