Admission Process

James Lind Institute provides you a seamless and hassle free way of applying for your desired program. The application form is available online on the program page and takes you through a few simple steps before yo submit the application. Few simple documents are required during the application process. However, if you don’t have all the documets handy, you can still submit your application and these documents can be submitted later. JLI provides you the opportunity to utilize your work experience for waving the condition of academic eligibility and you can provide supporting evidence for this within the application form. 


Once you submit the application, it is reviewed by JLI admissions committee for suitability and eligibility and your application is either approved or we may seek more information. If you provide all the information as requested, the application will be accepted. In certain cases students may not be found to be eligible and application not accepted. In such cases, we may offer you other programs that you have been found to be eligible for. 

After the stage of acceptance, your application goes through another stage of review before admission is offered. At this stage we will furnish you with a formal letter of enrollment and you will be requested to pay your tuition fee. You will have the option to pay your tuition fee in full or two equal installments. You can pay through your student account where you will find a number of different payment options available to you. If, for any reason, you are not able to use any of the payment gateways, we will advise on other options to pay your tuition fee. 

Once tutition fee is paid, you will recieve access to our e-Campus, Learning Management System (LMS) and introduction to your faculty and mentors. At this stage you are ready to initiate your studies at JLI. 

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